Endorsing Convention and Aftermath

Sorry for the delay – I’ve been meaning to send you all an update!

On March 15th, Senate District 44 held its endorsing convention, where three candidates sought to earn the DFL endorsement by receiving 60% of the vote amongst the delegates in attendance.  It was a very exciting day for everyone involved.

With three strong candidates, our campaign was unable to clear the 60% bar needed for the endorsement – the convention ended without an endorsed candidate.  However, the true strength of the candidates was demonstrated on the first ballot, which we won by 10 percentage points! 

One delegate (not one of ours) approached one of our volunteers and said she would support me because out of all the candidates, I was the only one who emailed her, sent her letters, called her, and visited her to hear what she really cared about.  That is what this campaign is about.

So on to the August 12th primary we go – and in a great position!

In the past month I’ve been busy.  I’ve talked to most delegates at the convention and asked them what I can do better to be their choice in August.  I’m not a natural “politician” so I know I can’t just coast.  I have to improve each day by connecting with the people of this district.  Our district doesn’t need a politician – we need someone committed to our best interest, and committed to being the best advocate in St. Paul. I know I am that candidate because I know I will work harder than anyone else, and I’m not afraid of a little criticism.

Campaigns are more expensive than you’d think.

I’ve been out raising money and working hard to get our message out to all of the voters in 44B from now until November.  My team and I are incredibly grateful to have so many supporters who have contributed so far.  A growing number of folks have offered to host fundraisers for us this summer – thank you!  If it ever stops snowing, maybe we’ll get a chance to grill?

Our organization is also expanding so we can effectively employ our strategy.  We have had great responses so far and I am thrilled with the excitement and enthusiasm of our grassroots team!

Finally, I have been meeting with people.

One-on-one.  Small groups.  Large groups.  Now is the time to share our ideas about how to make our district and our state the best place to live in the country.  I’m visiting with neighbors and community members from all walks of life, and I’m learning about what matters most to each of us.  Despite growing up here and living here the vast majority of my life, I’m learning new things about our community every day.  It is incredible to get to know so many more people in our community, and make so many new friends.

This is what I like best about being a candidate.

I promise to continue to work hard to earn the support of our community – including you! – and to fight for the honor of representing our district at the Capitol.

More soon – in the meantime consider following me on Twitter @JonApplebaum44B and joining my Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/jonapplebaum44B for more updates about the campaign.

Thank you!


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