Important Letter to the Editor

I was grateful to see the following letter to the editor submitted in support of my candidacy in this week’s Sun Sailor. It speaks to two important distinctions between the candidates in the race:

Applebaum the choice for 44B

We are Minnetonka residents who met with both candidates running for state representative in District 44B. They share some philosophical ideologies, but two issues jump out at us that differentiate the candidates.

While they both support the Second Amendment and hunters’ rights, Jon Applebaum opposes citizens owning semi-automatic weapons – the kind used in many of our country’s greatest tragedies – including school shootings.

On the subject of schools, Applebaum, a product of Hopkins schools, is a staunch supporter of public education. He recognizes the damage vouchers would do to our public schools.

Vouchers are not a way to accommodate low-income families and they would reduce the state’s payments to our public schools. That would mean higher local taxes to make up the reduction, more cuts to our schools or both.

For these and other reasons, we are voting for Jon Applebaum for State Representative in 44B.

Al and Sue Sadowsky


Stacy and Jon Gallop


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