Minnesota should be the national leader in education.  Our students, teachers and faculty all must be put in the best position to succeed.  This is accomplished through ample state funding and promotion of the latest technological tools and innovative teaching methods to ensure that our students are ready for the future.

I believe that our schools’ decision-making should be led by parents, guardians, youth, community partners, educators and school support staff.  Upon graduating high school, no Minnesota student should be precluded from continuing their education on account of an inability to pay.  Higher education costs have become out of control and must be reigned in.  

During the past biennium, I supported and/or voted for:

Early Childhood Education

  • Reducing the opportunity and achievement gap with increased investment in early childhood education benefitting 47,000 pre-school kids
  • Increasing funding for programs to help lower income families afford early childhood educational programs while delivering $16M to local school districts


  • Reducing class sizes that would strengthen relationships between teachers and students and for more individualized instruction to allow teachers cater to every individual student’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Providing true wrap-around services, including regular access to a wide range of support professionals like school nurses, guidance counselors, social workers and librarians
  • Sufficient funding to prevent teacher and staff layoffs at local school districts while increasing the formula an average of $296 per pupil for Wayzata, Hopkins and Minnetonka students
  • Funding to allow teachers to promote engaged and creative students, including increasing funding for art, music and health programs
  • Funding to help address the needs of non-traditional learners, gifted, and talented students

Higher Education

  • Created the nation’s first Student Loan Debt Tax Credit, which would have provided assistance to over 300,000 Minnesotans and their families
  • Created the “High-Achieving-Minnesotan” Grant, which would provide grants to Minnesota high school students with a B+ average to attend any public college or university in Minnesota
  • Tuition freezes at all University of Minnesota and Minnesota State (formerly MnSCU) institutions
  • Protecting the state grant program from costly funding cuts
  • Safer environment in all schools and colleges by voting that sexual offenses by teachers require immediate dismissal

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