Our natural surroundings play a large role in the health of our community.  We should do all we can to support and preserve it.  Accordingly, I believe in the preservation of biodiversity and wilderness, strong environmental programs that enforce healthy surroundings for everyone and sustainable, long-term cultivation of our rich natural resources.  I support incentives and educational programs driven to reduce public consumption.

Our government must continue on its track as a clean energy state.  This includes increased use of renewable energy sources that are both safe and sustainable.  I believe that embracing energy conservation and clean energy innovation will benefit our local economy.

During the past biennium, I supported and/or voted for:

  • Proposals acknowledging that climate change is real and that human activity causes climate change
  • Keeping the Legislative Water Commission in existence to ensure that water safety and accessibility concerns are properly addressed
  • Initiatives to save our bee population and other pollinators
  • Keeping experts, like climate scientists from the University of Minnesota, on the Clean Water Council

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