Government Reform

Our government should adapt to the ever-changing world and utilize all technological advancements for the most effective delivery of its services. Constituents must be able to reach government resources at their fingertips.  We must carefully monitor spending, reduce waste and employ creative solutions to make the government work better for everyone.  Furthermore, I believe in campaign finance reform must occur so that elections and legislating are more transparent.  The public deserves to know where political money and other influence is coming from and where it goes.

During the past biennium, I supported and/or voted for: 

  • Complete transparency with regard to identifying and quantifying the amount and sources of “dark money” spent on Minnesota political campaigns
  • Public disclosure by entities spending $1,500 or more on communications made within 60 days of election, as well as the release of all major donors
  • Transferring power from the Governor to the Legislative Coordinating Commission to decide salaries of agency heads
  • Creating a 5 member commission to recommend legislative and congressional district boundaries, limiting the influence of gerrymandering to ensure more equitable and fair elections 

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