The government’s role should be to encourage economic growth for everyone.  A strong business climate – one where workers are able to earn a livable wage, companies are encouraged to hire and expand locally, and entrepreneurs and small business owners have the tools and an equal playing field upon which to thrive – will benefit everyone.  I believe our business community must be promoted so that together, we will keep our local economy prosperous.

During the past biennium, I supported and/or voted for:

  • Increasing the minimum wage to $15.76 for employees of companies whose executives have a yearly salary of $1 million or more
  • Allowing local units of government to set their own minimum wages so that they can take the first steps toward providing a living wage for their community
  • $146 million in property tax relief for small businesses over the next three years
  • Legislation ensuring paid family leave for workers to care for a new baby or ill family members and fair work conditions for all
  • Requiring US made steel for all public works projects in Minnesota, which saved thousands of jobs


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