The government’s tax structure should be based on fair and equitable principles designed to promote economic growth and full employment, while being capable of funding our state’s vital programs. I advocate for reform that will eliminate inequitable loopholes, stabilize our revenues and provide tax incentives for investment into local businesses.

During the past biennium, I supported and/or voted for:

  • Tax incentives for families and individuals paying off student loans
  • A faster phase-in for social security tax exemption
  • Increased opportunities for seniors to get property tax relief
  • Raising the estate tax exclusion amount
  • Creating a Veterans Nursing Home Tax Credit
  • Creating a Child Care Expense Tax Credit
  • Increased amounts available for the Working Family Tax Credit
  • $19.5 million in property tax relief for 238,400 Minnesota homeowners and $10.8 million of relief for 97,450 Minnesota renters

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