Moving Forward: A Campaign for our Future

When I was 22 years old I made a bad decision that resulted in a DWI.  I am deeply sorry for my mistake and I am fortunate that no one was hurt during the single-car incident.  It has not happened since and it will never happen again.

Indeed, those who know me well will tell you that I have learned from this experience and became a better person as a result of it.  It’s disappointing, but not surprising, that my opposition would use this to attack me during this campaign.

You deserve a state representative who is singularly focused on policies that will Move Minnesota Forward to a brighter future – not one who continues to highlight the past.

My campaign will continue to advocate for creating a world-class education system, encouraging economic growth and maintaining the highest possible quality of life to ensure that families will continue to want to live, work and enjoy our great community.

I look forward to earning your support so I can serve our community with these hometown values at the Capitol.

Thank you for your understanding and unwavering encouragement,

Jon Applebaum

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